Summer School introduces students to the business world

Build a chatbot with TheValueChain

TheValueChain has teamed up with three other Gumption companies to deliver hands-on workshops during the Gumption Summer School. This unique five-day educational event in Brussels is a joint initiative with Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts (EhB). TheValueChain will help the students tackle concrete business challenges, with the participants building a chatbot and taking part in a hackathon, among other things.

Besides TheValueChain, testing expert Brightest, digital design agency Liftov and infrastructure specialist Rank 1 will also be sharing their expertise as part of this initiative. The companies will give the students actual digital challenges to work on. TheValueChain’s assignment is to create a smart chatbot based on Conversational AI within SAP under the guidance of EhB alumni Niki Vandersteen and Matthias Cobbaut of TheValueChain. The students will also carry out activities around cloud security and future-oriented digital brands. At the end of the week, the jury of business managers will assess their work. The student who performed the best will be awarded a work placement or student job.

Students of all years and subject areas are welcome,’ says Steve Weemaels, course director of Computer Science at EhB. ‘Although these companies are active in ICT, entry is not restricted. Any student with a genuine interest in technology can register.’ The Summer School is also open to students of other universities, at a charge of 500 euros for the whole programme.

Introduction to the business world

The aim is to give the students a taste of what the business world is about. ‘We want to inspire young graduates to make optimal yet pragmatic use of today's and tomorrow's digital technology that exists in SAP,’ says Dieter Oversteyns, managing partner at TheValueChain.

‘Our courses allow for a logical progression into the market in which the Gumption companies operate,’ says Christophe Benoit Talent and Start-up Coach at EhB. ‘For the companies, it’s an interesting way to meet our talent, while the students get hands-on experience. Win-win for everyone.’ The students will meet the CEOs, technical whizzes and talent scouts of the companies. The day starts with a lecture, after which the students get to work.


First Summer School

This is the first time EhB organises this Summer School. Last year, the university organised Lunch Talks, a series of talks to bring together the industry, researchers and students around digital technology related topics. Among the guest speakers were TheValueChain.

‘This planted the seed for a closer collaboration,’ says Elke Provost, who as a human capital architect at TheValueChain helped put together the programme of the Summer School. ‘We have several alumni of the university working at our company. They look back positively on their degree course at EhB. Following the success of the Lunch Talks, strengthening our ties seemed like the obvious thing to do.’

Gerlinde De Clerq, head of the Health, Design and Technology department at EhB: ‘Our students are the future. As a university, it’s important that we collaborate as best we can with the industry to give our students a future-proof education and prepare them for an ever-changing world which places ever-greater demands on the professional. This Summer School is one of the initiatives that helps us achieve that goal.’

‘Innovation isn’t just another empty buzzword at TheValueChain,’ Elke Provost stresses. ‘We want to share our passion for innovation with the students. Our Innovation Garage is a physical place where innovation is central. Our Innovation Warriors are free to unleash their creativity in innovative projects such as building bots, something we want to give the students a taste of during the Summer School.’

  • Want to take part? You can register until 7 September by sending a video message stating your reasons for wanting to take part.
  • Date? 14/09 - 19/09
  • Location? Office Labs, Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • More information?

As university classes haven’t yet resumed, the Summer School can make use of the entire campus to ensure coronavirus safety measures are met. We strictly comply with the official guidelines of the government.