Rising Star Academy

How do you become a new generation top SAP consultant? Earn your spot in the Rising Star Academy from 15th of March 2021!

Why become an SAP consultant?


Nowadays, SAP is the driving force behind many innovations in the business world. SAP is more than just implementing technology: you are helping businesses to optimize processes with state-of-the-art technology. You are at the heart of the business. That makes the job of SAP consultant incredibly exciting.

Why at TheValueChain?

  1. Welcome to the frontrunners' club!
    Our clients like to be trendsetters. As an SAP Gold Partner, TheValueChain has established a cast-iron reputation in digital innovation.
  2. Have fun!
    Rising stars work hard. And play hard.
  3. Learn more and faster!
    TheValueChain thrives on challenging and varied projects. With guidance from our experts in their field, you will soon acquire knowledge and experience.
  4. Boom boom!
    Not bla-bla. We present our project approach in a pragmatic and targeted learning program.

Why is the Rising Star Academy something for you?

  • Deep dive. We take 10 young professionals through the essentials for 6 weeks. At a great and inspiring location. Without being disturbed.
  • We respond to your interest. After basic training, you can choose between a focus on sales & marketing or supply chain.
  • Soft skills. Not least because customers appreciate social intelligence and commercial assertiveness, and appreciate your presentation style. Just to mention three skills.

Are you our rising star?

A real rising star is a team player, eager to learn, able to withstand stress, a good communicator and listener, and able to work in a structured way. And shares the values of TheValueChain. The Rising Star Academy 2021, Spring Edition, is aimed at young professionals:

  • with a master's degree
  • +2 years of business experience in logistics and/or supply chain
  • familiar with SAP as user or more is an extra asset
  • inspired by business challenges
  • trilingual N-F-E (fluent English, thorough knowledge of the second national language)

How is the selection organized?

  1. Register
    Apply via the registration form.
    For the first Blitz evening: by the 6th of December 2020
    For the second Blitz evening: by the 9th January 2021
  2. Blitz evening
    Does your profile match our challenges? Then we invite you to a Blitz evening, on the 9th of December 2020 or the 12th of January 2021. We will tell you TheValueChain story. In individual interviews, you will get to know consultants, teamleads and managers.
  3. The outcome
    You will find out whether you have been selected by the 18th of January 2021.